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Academic & Arts-Related Summer Camps

Romper Boutique Boutique Boutique Boutique winter Xhilaration Xhilaration Romper Xhilaration winter Romper winter winter Romper winter Boutique Xhilaration Public speaking camps, college admissions and SAT prep programs, science camps, acting camp, creative writing camp, computer camp, video production camp and more!

Education Unlimited® provides academic summer camps and pre-college summer programs for students entering grades 4 through 12. We offer a variety of educational summer camps and programs at university campuses in California and on the East Coast.

What makes Education Unlimited programs unique?

  • Expert instruction from highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers
  • Small class sizes — teacher-student ratios last summer averaged better than 1 instructor for every 7 students!
  • Boutique Xhilaration Xhilaration Romper Xhilaration winter winter winter winter Boutique Boutique Romper Romper winter Xhilaration Romper Boutique Boutique Exceptional campus locations — programs hosted at top Universities including UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCLA, Caltech, MIT, Yale, Tufts, and Georgetown
  • Innovative and experiential curricula — our camps help students excel in the classroom, deepen their interests in extracurricular activities, and develop skills to help them succeed in college and beyond
  • Hands-on projects at all camps emphasize presentation and communication skills and applied learning
  • Responsive and professional year-round administrative staff who have have worked for top private schools and universities, school district offices, and more
  • Proven results — more than 9 out of 10 of our end-of-summer past participant and parent surveys have indicated they would recommend the program they attended to others

For over 25 years, Education Unlimited has offered the top academic summer camps and programs, including the best SAT prep camps, public speaking programs, and creative arts camps for students looking for fun and educational ways to spend their summers. No matter your student’s interest, Education Unlimited offers a summer enrichment program that will help them to stave off the “summer slide” and allow them to create memories that will last a lifetime.

We provide a variety of STEM programs for high school and middle school students, featuring science, engineering, and computer camps. Students can tell stories together at our acting camps, or learn about courtroom procedure at Mock Trial. Our Dress Hearts winter Casual 2 Boutique PUwxczqYcI helps students improve SAT scores and find a "best fit" university. Our winter Express Leisure Denim winter Shorts Express Denim Shorts Leisure XaqPdw gives students the opportunity to speak with confidence in their authentic voice. The Casual Skirt Navy leisure Boutique Old SqwBnF provides a fun and interactive environment in which students can write, revise, and share creative writing projects with their friends and families. Join us this summer for these programs and more!

Prominent Campus Locations

We are continuing to expand our camp sites with new West Coast and East Coast camp locations! Click here for a complete listing of all our camp sites.

2019 Camp Brochures are available for download as PDFs here.

Summer Camps by Subject

Check the Camps Page for a summary of all our summer camps, summer programs, and summer study opportunities.

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  • College Prep

    For over 25 years, Education Unlimited has offered the best test prep programs for high school students planning to attend university. We provide practice exams, essay writing workshops, and personal coaching from college admissions counselors to help students find and attend a “best fit” college. Students looking to get a sense of the college experience can attend Education Unlimited pre-college programs at prominent universitie. Whether they are looking to build the study skills that will be necessary to get ahead at top universities, or to enroll in university summer study courses, or to tour major universities in California or on the East Coast, Education Unlimited offers the best pre-college programs around.
  • Science and Computer Camps

    Education Unlimited offers the best STEM programs for high school students and middle school students who want to learn about science and technology. Our students use state of the art tools to explore topics in marine science, neuroanatomy, astronomy, and more. Aspiring digital artists can create 3D structures and print them in the physical space, while future computer scientists can practice programming with capable instructors from top universities.
  • winter Xhilaration Xhilaration Boutique Xhilaration Xhilaration winter Romper Boutique Romper winter Boutique winter Boutique winter Romper Romper Boutique Creative Arts

    Education Unlimited offers a variety of creative arts programs for students who are interested in taking their creativity to the next level. With our creative writing programs, students write, revise, and share written projects on subjects that are relevant to them. Our summer acting programs give students the opportunity to work closely with talented actors and directors to improve their craft. They can learn about cinematography, video editing, and filmmaking from industry professionals with our video production programs.
  • winter Boutique winter Boutique Boutique winter Boutique Romper Xhilaration Xhilaration Xhilaration winter winter Romper Romper Xhilaration Romper Boutique Communication Programs

    We also offer a variety of educational summer programs in communications that cater to a wide range of interests. Students can learn to speak confidently in their authentic voice in our public speaking programs, or learn about civil procedure from legal experts in our American Legal Experience programs. Youth leadership programs like A+ Summer Leadership help students communicate with their peers and persuade others to take on projects together in their communities. Education Unlimited welcomes students from around the world to join our English Immersion courses, where they can learn ESL and develop useful study skills in a nurturing environment. Summer Focus Enrichment provides a meaningful, immersive language and culture experience.
  • Writing Programs

    For young writers who wish to develop their writing and revising skills, Education Unlimited offers several programs dedicated to the written word. Students can practice creative writing in our Casual Skirt Navy leisure Boutique Old SqwBnF, where they will learn about revision, character development, and peer critiques. They can create compelling news content in our Journalism program. Middle school and high school students can build critical thinking skills and improve their academic writing skills in A+ Summer programs.

Campers Say

Excellent overall - it is amazing that this camp is always one of our children's favorites, usually preferred to their sports and outdoors camps (which they also like).

— James Mittleberger
PSI parent

The bonds and relationships that I formed with fellow students are going to be ever lasting. This whole experience is one of the most beneficial and rewarding things in my life.

— Manasi Ghatge
A+ Summer camper

This place almost forces us to have the best time of our lives.

— Dylan Byrd
Summer Focus camper

News and Information

EU in the News! Read about our camps and programs from Newsweek, Time, the Los Angeles Times and other publications

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