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Educating Young Minds (EYM) is a comprehensive, non-profit, learning center that has been at the forefront of providing an unprecedented standard of academic excellence for more than 30 years: teaching, tutoring, mentoring, counseling, providing resources and scholarships for students (Pre-K-12th grades, 9:00a.m. -10:p.m. daily). These students have a need or desire to compete, achieve and succeed.

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EYM’s mission is to holistically change or enhance the academic, emotional, social and professional trajectories of today’s at-risk, underserved and/or special needs students (i.e. IEP’s, labelled ADD/ADHD) and those who desire to excel with AP honors subjects. EYM's culture, methodology and multi-faceted programs introduces students to a world of opportunity in technology, sciences, math and entrepreneurship. Students are taught to be responsible for their own learning and achievement and parents/teachers are held accountable.

Educating Young Minds (EYM) desire is to assist in decreasing the staggering middle and high school dropout rates in low-income communities, improve grade point averages, bring technology education and programming to underserved neighborhoods, increase college acceptance rates among students from underrepresented communities, reduce the juvenile incarceration to prison pipeline, and encourage parent/guardian engagement with community resources

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